Giulio Napoletano is a local artist living in Antwerp.

Accustomed to vernissages and the one on one approach with customers and art enthusiasts, Giulio wanted to make his art more accessible.

We met Giulio in our offices in Antwerp to talk about his business. We all agreed that developing a website would be our solution. Right then and there, we decided on the two major aspects: functionality (what the website should be able to do) and aesthetics (what the website will look like). We sent Giulio home with some homework: digitalise all his artwork so we could upload it when the website would be set up and started on the mock-up on our side.

Once the website was set up, we made sure Giulio could upload any new items himself, a DIY crash course. We’re very happy with the result, a non-obtrusive frame that lets the art speak for itself.

Coincidentally, we currently have one of Giulio’s piece in our office!

Having the website set up and displaying his existing art, Giulio is now focusing on new pieces to add to his collection. An exciting new project will soon come to life, as Giulio will start working on illustrations and setting up a web shop.

Check out Giulio’s website at: