_Marketing Heroes specializes in the support of operational and planning teams for Media and Advertising agencies.

_Our hands-on experience has allowed us to build scalable processes to ensure a rapid integration and resolution of workload bottlenecks created by sudden changes in FTE needs.

_Integrating Marketing Heroes in your FTE pool ensures you can seamlessly manage fluctuations in workload. Working with us optimizes the number of people you need to hire without overwhelming your teams.

_Marketing Heroes can offer expertise in Search, Programmatic Display & Video, Publisher deals, Analytics & Social Media for all phases of your campaigns: Planning & Forecast, Setup, Monitoring & Reporting.

_Marketing Heroes is not a freelancer placement program. We offer a lot of the same advantages like a single point of contact and access to a senior local expert. Marketing Heroes takes it one step further by allowing you to scale your hours based on rapidly changing needs.

_While your main point of contact manages the customer relationship; work order requests get fed into our project management system. This project management system allows us to call upon the best available expert for each task.

_This system allows for multiple heroes to work simultaneously. Significantly reducing the lead time of deliveries without sacrificing quality or overwhelming your primary contact.


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