Community Boost – Giulio Napoletano

An artist who dwells in the insidious and uncertain paths of the imagination.

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Back to Basics – Facebook in 2018

Facebook announced some significant changes to their timeline for 2018. The goal is clear: reduce the amount of time passively browsing and start talking to people again. How will this work and what will the impact of this change be? Read more about it in this post!

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Multilingual WordPress Websites

The process of creating a multilingual WordPress site isn’t always an easy one. When we first launched our website, we noticed something. As a company that is based in Belgium you generally have 2 options, pick one language and stick with it or translate everything you create.

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Why Apply Diminishing Returns to your Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you know what your most productive input in terms of effort is, your next step will be to determine what your points of diminishing return and maximum yield are. Quickly understand when to broaden your segments for a higher yield and when to drop the campaign for a more performing one.

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A chessboard with social icons depicting digital first

Digital First: The Cultural Change your Business Needs

Going digital first has been used to describe a new learning cultural phenomenal within businesses. This change (or lack of change) in culture will define those of us that make it and those of us that get left behind. Find out how to become a digital first company.

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Modular Video: Advantages, Risks & Best Practices

What is a modular video? A modular video is a flexible format that allows you to test different scenarios within one video. Different parts, or modules, make up the video. We can use these parts separately or combined with one another.

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